Payroll Software Companies Massachusetts

Payroll Processing

PlatinumPay XPress

1st Payroll provides your small business with the easiest online payroll experience available. Whether you are in the office, at home, or on the road, you have the ability to process your payroll, manage your employees and access your reports. 1st Payroll has made the payroll experience easier by removing the need for cumbersome downloads with aggravating installs and time-consuming upgrades – PlatinumPay Xpress is completely online. Learn more about PlatinumPay XPress


For a small or mid-sized company with emerging HR needs, PlatinumPay is a powerful web-based package which can empower your payroll and HR department to accomplish more in less time. PlatinumPay provides you with an easy-to-use interface where you can process payroll, and takes reporting and employee management to the next level. Learn more about PlatinumPay

Tax Management

1st Payroll automates tax processing in the world of complex and ever-changing tax code and regulations. 1st Payroll calculates, files and pays all of your federal, state and local payroll taxes for you. With each payroll, your tax liabilities are debited and paid to the appropriate federal and state agency. Learn more aboutTax Management

Direct Deposit

Make your life easier, and get your employees’ paychecks in their pocket immediately with full-service direct deposit. Direct deposit allows your employees to have access to their wages first thing in the morning on pay day. Learn more about Direct Deposit

Management Reports

Every payroll is accompanied by our standard package of payroll reports which provides you with all of the important information you need from an administrative perspective – tax liability reports, payroll registers, payroll totals, direct deposit registers, etc. Learn more about Management Reports